Greater Good, Xcellence, and Prosperity (GXP)
Created by Eugene Nwoji.

About Goshencoin

Goshen Project is a global initiative with the goal of adding value in unique ways, to all stakeholders. The GoshenCoin is a product of this initiative, and it is a decentralized peer-to-peer exchange system for communicating value among users. It is promoted by Eugene Nwoji, while bitfawkes is the head of the development team.

Short Name / Ticker – GXP (Greater Good, Xcellence, Prosperity)

Algo - Scrypt

Total Supply – 52,000,000 (52 million)

Premine – 5,000,000GXP (5 million to be used for development cost (1 million GXP) + Bounty (1 million GXP) + Provision of basic needs for less priviledged (1 million GXP) + ICO (2 million GXP))

Block Reward – 50GXP

Block Time – 60

Block Re-target – 1,440

Halving – 1 year

Download Goshencoin Wallet

You can download Goshencoin Wallet binary or sourcecode.

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Contact Goshencoin Team

Feel free to email us to provide some feedback, give us suggestions, or to just say hello!

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